The Truth About Money & Spirituality

Today, we are talking all about money and spirituality, the truth behind money and spirituality, and how these two go together.
Now, my goodness me! I have been in the position where I've been personally criticized for creating a business out of Tarot and creating a business that does generate revenue. It does generate a profit. It helps to sustain our family. It also helps to sustain another 13 people who are part of my team. And yet, it's something that does get criticized.
"How dare you use your spiritual gifts to actually earn money?"
And "How can you commercialize something that is so spiritual and so part of the universe? It should be a gift!"
Yada yada yada.
And probably a few years ago, had I been exposed to some of that criticism then, then I might have had a different response—I'm thinking tears in a bathroom somewhere.
But what I've learned over the years is to really stand by my choice to have a business—a profit-generating business—that happens to be in Tarot. I want to talk about this topic today of money and spirituality because I bet you've been in a similar situation.

If you started either thinking about creating a business with Tarot or maybe you already are charging for your readings, maybe you've come up against this too, where people say to you, "You shouldn't be charging money for your spiritual gifts," or you have an inherent feeling within yourself that maybe there's something wrong with the idea of making money from a spiritual place.

The sad thing is that so many people end up holding themselves back from earning money because of this belief—either conscious or unconscious—that it just isn't spiritual to earn money.
Today, I'm saying phooey to that!
I just want you to take a moment right now and think about your beliefs about money and spirituality.
I want you to just check in right now: What is your relationship with money?
Is it something that feels good for you? Or does it feel a little bit dirty or a bit messy? A bit complicated? What is your relationship with money?
And if you had a lot of money, would you still be a good person?
Would you still be a spiritual person if you had a lot of money, an abundance of money? And what would others think of you if you did have a lot of money?
I just want you to check-in: Do you personally think it's right or it's fair to earn a lot of money using your spiritual gifts and helping others? Does that feel right to you?
And, ultimately, should you be paid to work whilst helping people? Should that be something that you receive an income for?

Just check in with your answers on that. Again, there are never any right or wrong answers, but it will give you an indication of where you're at right now in terms of money and your spiritual gifts.

Perhaps you might have uncovered some unease. Perhaps even feelings of shame or guilt or dirtiness around money. Or maybe you're a little bit more like me, and you're like, "Hell, I've got a great relationship with money, and I welcome more and more of it"?

I'm going to talk with you a little bit about why that is my belief, but for now, just check in with where you're at.

Here's the thing…

Many people really struggle with this idea or this question of "Can you still be spiritual and make money?"

My personal opinion is hell yes, you can! In fact, I strongly encourage you to consider… If you do have spiritual gifts, and you want it to be your main focus for this time in your life, then I encourage you to welcome money into your life.

Now, of course, I want to be so clear upfront…

If you're sitting here, going, "Brigit, I do not want to earn money for my spiritual gifts," that's absolutely fine! Please, don't think that what I'm saying here is that you have to earn money if you want to be a spiritual practitioner. You don't. We all have choices.

But what I do want for you is to have a healthy relationship with money and to see that there is a healthy flow of energy between money and spirituality, that the two can coexist quite beautifully together and that they do not have to be at loggerheads with one another.

So, that's what we're going to talk about today: Can you still be spiritual and make money?