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Numerology Classes in Delhi

Varda Narayan Numerology Courses in India

Numerology is a set of practices that analyzes the relationship between numbers and coinciding situations. This technique is used to either determine a future probability or to explain the occurrence of an event. The domain of numerology is vast, and we are here to empower you with the conceptual understanding of this field.

If you wish to acquire knowledge of Numerology and strengthen your conceptual understanding in this field then choose Numerology courses from us.

Varda Narayan is well-known for best Numerology classes in Delhi and helps you in unfolding the unknown secrets. We create an enjoyable learning environment that makes learning seem a fun-activity.

The study of Numerology is one of the easiest, yet least understood of all the occult arts. Numerology is helpful to give you an idea of the direction in which your life will likely proceed. It can also give you insight into the work you might have to complete in order to keep your life progressing according to plan.

In our basic Numerology courses, you will learn about the history and evolution of Numerology. After getting this basic understanding of numerology you will learn to calculate and ascertain the meaning of the five Core Numerology Numbers, Pinnacles and Challenges, and Karmic Numbers. Finally, you will move on to the final stage and learn how Numerology can influence decisions such as what to name your child or which house to buy.

Varda Narayan Numerology Course includes the following levels:-
1. Certified Basic Numerology Course -Level 1.-In basic numerology course students will learn how to read the fundamentals of the numbers which will prepare them for successful interpretations through numbers. So this certificate Numerology course basics will be covered and you will be able to practice numerology in a basic way.
2. Certified Numerology Advanced Course -Level 2.-This is an advanced level and professional course designed for students who wish to take up Numerology as a profession. This course covers basic as well as advanced studies in Numerology. This certificate numerology course will include many facets of Numerology like finding Heart's Desire number, Personal year number, calculate life phases, and much more.
3.Certified Professional Numerology Course-Level 3.- This professional numerology course is designed for those who want to further develop their Numerology skills. After completing this level you will learn the tools to gain greater insight into various cycles, opportunities, and challenges that you or your clients have already faced, or have yet to experience, calculate numerology charts, and much more.

The Medium of Instruction for all Numerology courses in Hindi and English.
An open and curious mind is all that is required. All course materials are provided. Why not join us?
A Comprehensive Course for becoming a Professional Numerologist

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