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Tarot is the mirror of our soul and tarot reading is considered as an ancient divinatory art that uses 78 archetypal cards to represent past, present, and future situations in a person's life. Attend our tarot reading workshop to learn how to read the cards and understand life with a deeper perspective.

A typical reading of the cards mirrors our past decisions, validates our present situation, and projects a probable future for your consideration.
By attending our best tarot reading courses you will not only enrich yourself with the immense power of Tarot but also will get the best solutions for your life.

In our workshops, you will also learn various crystal healing tips as well as Tarot Secrets to reach at the zenith of your life. This course mainly aims to make you the expert on this subject , teaches you to be more calm and positive towards life & brings you on par with Professionals. This course is recommended for anyone interested in-depth training of the Zen Tarot. After completion of the tarot card reading course, participants are qualified to use this knowledge of tarot card reading for their personal growth and development as a professional, as well as for the betterment of society.

Why Us?
Varda Narayan is a renowned tarot card reader and conducts regular Tarot reading classes in Delhi. We will not only teach you tarot card reading but we will make you a professional tarot card reader. For learning Tarot Card Reading, Varda Narayan is the Best Tarot Card Reader teacher. We have long practical experience in Tarot Card Reading of about 15 years and we provide with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge and experience of Tarot science.

Many workshops have been taken already since a couple of years and have been a major success. Varda Narayan has been awarded and honoured number of times for her contribution in this field.

Students have themselves told how her classes were positively different from others and how the deep secrets were also told to them that Varda Narayan had fetch by her experiences over a few years, and how that helped them to grow as professionals and individuals.

She has been called for sessions by big companies like Coke and hotel Crowne Plaza, MNC's,etc.
Till now many have taken online, offline,video conferencing ,on calls classes too for Tarot learning depending on distances and convenience. Many of our students are already practicing Tarot Card Reading at a professional level in Delhi, NCR, and other cities. We conduct tarot reading workshops in small batches of two to three people for courses like Tarot Card Reading so as to provide personal attention. Courses are tailor-made as per the requirement of the students.

To attend the Tarot Reading Course (Tarot Trainings Certified Professional Practitioners Course) (Online Courses on Zoom,Skype, whatsapp video calling for one to one personal special classes, contact us now!

Courses offered by Varda Narayan:
1. Certificate basic course in Tarot Card Reading.
2.Advanced Diploma course in Tarot Card Reading.

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