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Meditation classes, courses, workshops in Delhi

Meditation is a process of life contemplation aimed at rewiring the way the brain processes and manages thoughts, emotions, feelings, body reactions, and quality of one's life patterns. As physical training enhances the fitness of body, meditation is important for fitness of mind as it's a mental exercise. So meditation classes and workshops are becoming popular and the people are driven towards it for that ultimate peace in real terms.

Varda Narayan teaches the best meditation courses in Delhi. In our meditation workshops we give you the opportunity to explore laws that govern the mind and how they impact our happiness, as well as experience the power of energizing breathing techniques and relaxing meditation.

The online meditation courses are simple and enjoyable, and aid with all aspects of one's life. It will help reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of happiness and compassion, and expand one's awareness and realizations. Our meditation workshops will motivate you practice and experience the peace and harmony that mantra meditation has to offer.

Also, if one has to go deep into any knowledge ,be it, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology , Vastu, ONE HAS TO MAKE MEDITATION A LIFESTYLE to connect more with the supreme GOD and peace. As you all know the vibrating water can not show you your real image clear, it will be faded and stable water will show your clear image to you like a mirror, just like that MEDITATION MAKES YOU STABLE,CLEARER IN YOUR DECISIONS,FOCUSED,PIOUS AND HAPPY even amidst tensions and uncertainties that are the part of life.

Varda Narayan meditation classes are just too much in demand because of her smooth way of bringing joy by her meditation classes.
One must join these classes to know what ETERNAL JOY is.

It is a simple mantra meditation technique you can practice on your own or with others. The transcendental sound will relieve you of stress and anxiety and help you taste inner satisfaction.

Japa meditation consists the soft chanting or hymn of spiritual sound vibrations using . It is very effective because you are using your senses to engage in the practice. In this meditation form touch, hearing, and the working sense of speaking are all used, which helps mind to focus.

Part 3 - KIRTAN
As we know the kirtan is an integral part of all the religions it is a congregational singing or chanting in a celebration mode. It is the topmost prescribed meditation method for the age we live in. This age is known as Kali Yuga and it is characterized by chaos, quarrel, and confusion.

Come and relax with our meditation course, start a journey to find your inner self and truth. Each meditation will guide you to learn a different aspect of yourself whether it be a journey to your spiritual home, meeting your guides, or exploring your energetic body. Please call or email to book your seat now!

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