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Vastu Shastra can establish a meaningful connection between a person and space that belongs to him/her. It is a relationship between directions and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation.

Lord Brahma is the foremost creator of the world. He made this world with five elements - Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and these five elements were efficiently used by him in this creation in a manner that life is only possible on earth planet.

Later Vishwakarma ji ( A divine Architect ) learnt this from the Brahmins who learnt this vidya of VASTU SHASTRA from Brahma ji.
And as we know that even in the deserted area where Pandavas were asked to go and rule by Kauravas , Lord Krishna called Vishwakarma ji to use this Vastu shastra and create a vibrant kingdom for Pandavas called Indraprastha. Mayasur ( another great architect at that time ) also helped in this creation. As a result that deserted Land was no more deserted by the blessings of this Vastu Shastra. This is the importance and significance of VASTU SHASTRA.
Vastu Shastra course by Varda Narayan helps you to understand this ancient science by special courses designed to solve Vastu Problems scientifically.

In this Vastu Shastra workshop you understand that the meaning of Vastu is abode or mansion, and Shastra or Vidya means science or knowledge, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred holistic science pertaining to designing and building houses. The principles of Vastu have been derived from Sthapatya Veda- one of the ancient sacred books in Hinduism.

Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure us from negativity. Every choice we make leads us to a different outcome, and with the Vastu Shastra, we can make all the right choices and bring propsperity,happines, and a positive environment even in the midst of problems.

So if you are interested in learning this science , contact us on the number mentioned on the website.
As until now many workshops in Le-Meridian, lok kala manch [lodhi road],and in different states too have been taken to encourage people and provide them knowledge on this science by Varda Narayan and her team.

Even the architects, interior decorators, from various places take classes from her online and offline depending upon their conveniences.

If you have any questions regarding Vastu Shastra services, Varda Narayan has answers!
Varda Narayan is a leading Vastu Consultant in Delhi and provides Personal Vastu Consultancy, Commercial Vastu Consultancy, Vastu Training Classes, Vastu for industries, Vastu for career, Vastu for Office. A Vastu methodology finds out the symptoms for the issue and gives you a practical solution for the challenge. Vastu experts stabilize the problem which is happening in the surrounding. And Vastu consultant with Varda Narayan is ensured with privacy and accurate Vastu reading for you to have a clear understanding of your strength and Weakness.

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1. Certificate basic course in Vastu Shastra.
2.Advanced Diploma course in Vastu Shastra.

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